Bespoke Glass

Our In-house Design Studio

Our experienced studio staff are fully trained in the production of fully bespoke glass using all the traditional and more modern techniques.

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Traditional Overlay

We can create glass designs using the traditional style of applying lead and coloured films along with the option of adding glass bevels to a glass surface.

This is commonly known as ‘Traditional Overlay’.

This style is the most common used in the decorative glass market today.  This is due to the flexability it offers.  Mainly used in doors and toplights as shown in our sample images.

Abstract Close
Murano Close
Venetia Close Grey

Sandblasted glass (shown with coloured Fusion Tiles)

Designs using the traditional style of Sandblasting with the option of adding glass bevels to a glass surface helps to create some very modern style glazing options.

This is known as ‘Sandblasting’ and can be produced with the design clear or ‘Reversed’ where the design is sandblasted.

FUSION TILES are hand made and are available in various colours as shown.  The bevels are normally used to help co-ordinate coloured doors.

Resin Dispensing System

Used worldwide to manufacture decorative art glass and simulated stained glass It is easy to use, cost effective, fast and permanent The unique formulations include high build outlines and a range of infill colours that are designed for use in both internal and external locations and will withstand the most extreme climates for a minimum of 10 years.