Frequently Asked Questions

Q&A Section

Some of the most common questions have been answered below

Q. How are doors manufactured?
A. A 60mm subframe of MDF which allows trimming of up to 25mm per side and an extra high density polystyrene core for insulation giving six times the insulation value of a traditional interior door and improved impact resistance. The doors are finished using a 1mm UPVc plastic coating on either side. The 35mm sides of the door can either be edgebanded using white plastic or edgetrimmed by using a central groove in the door and a capped strip. The edgetrim can be flat or rebated; the rebated one will facilitate the hinge without the need for cutting out. Lock blocks are fitted centrally to both sides of the door, this eliminates potential mis-fitting of latches and other hardware.

Q. What styles are available?
A. There are currently 12 different styles available.

Q. Is there a choice of colour?
A. White is obviously the most popular colour and these doors can be edgebanded or edgetrimmed. Beech is available in certain styles with edgetrims only. We also supply Ivory coloured TIC style doors. They are only available edgebanded. Colours are UV stable.

Q. What is the maximum and minimum sizes?
A. Doors are manufactured to customers own specifications, bespoke. The max height is 2070mm (81.5in), max width is 864mm (34in), min width size is 450mm (17.75in) depending on door style. In some instances the moulds on the door will determine the size. See specifications shown for individual styles.

Q. How easy are they to fit?
A. Fitting is the same principle as a traditional wooden door using linear or metric measurements.

Q. If a Fire Door is required, do you manufacture?
A. Yes. A 30-minute fire rated door is available in several different styles certified to British Standard.

Q. Do you have a choice of door skin covering?
A. There are currently 2 types of skin, the traditional woodgrain effect or a tic skin (impregnated UPVc covering marked to create a grain effect).

Q. Do you need to paint the doors?
A. No. Doors are maintenance free and require only an occasional wipe down.

Q. Do the joints crack or move over time as traditional doors?
A. No. There can be no movement due to the manufacturing process.

Q. Does the door warp?
A. No. This should not be possible.

Q. I would like a set of French doors?
A. Any of our doors can be used as French doors, whether complementing the hall, conservatory entrance or separating living room from the dining room. We have a unique French door trim which requires no rebating.

Q. Do you supply handles?
A. Yes. We have options available with chrome or brass handles. We also have latches, hinges, thumb turn locks and star keys available if required.

Q. We would like to use UPVc doors for a wardrobe?
A. Doors can be adapted depending on style.

Q. Can a Loft hatch be manufactured?
A. Yes, cut to size. This will also be insulated to prevent heat loss.

Q. Is a guarantee offered?
A. Yes. A 3-year guarantee is given with internal doors from date of manufacture subject to terms and conditions, but please retain invoice.

Q. We have an awkward cupboard door, is it possible to supply?
A. Yes. Depending on size and style most openings can be accommodated. A matching grained flat panel is a good solution to this problem.

Q. Is the glass toughened on glazed doors?
A. Yes. All glass used is manufactured to 4mm and toughened to BSEN Standards, stamped with a kite mark.

Q. Are there any restrictions on glass designs?
A. No. A fully comprehensive range of designs are available as stock as seen in our brochures but individual requirements can always be discussed. Different styles of glass can be adapted to fit several types of doors, the choice is just about unlimited.

Q. Can we have obscure glass for privacy?
A. Yes. We have many types of glass available to provide various levels of privacy.

Q. Clear glass or decorative?
A. As all glass is produced in-house, virtually any options are available. By using lead and bevels in different combinations most designs can be created. We have an extensive range of coloured films and we are now producing resin lead work.

Q. Is it possible to have a Bi-fold door?
A. Yes certainly. Using 4 of the styles currently available, subject to size limitations.

Q. Can a side panel be matched to the door?
A. Yes. Glazing can be adapted to match most doors.

Q. Is skirting board or architrave available?
A. We stock a range of PVC coated skirting, architrave, cover boards, window boards and stop latts in different sizes and widths. See back inside cover for further details.