Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasted glass, or 'frosted glass', is produced by sandblasting a clear sheet of glass. It has the effect of rendering the glass translucent by the scattering of light, thus blurring images to obtain privacy while still transmitting light.

The design is drawn onto a computer program that is then used to output the design required onto a roll of vinyl film.  The film is then peeled from a paper backing and then positioned correctly onto the designed glass. The glass is then run through a machine which fires at high pressure aluminium oxide sand at the glass to create a frosted area on the parts that were removed before blasting.  Once blasted the vinyl is removed and you are left with the desired pattern in clear glass.

    All of our Traditional sandblast glass designs can be blasted in two ways.

    1) We create the detail in clear glass with the background blasted. 2) We blast the detail and leave the background clear instead.

Sandblasted glass is an excellent way to create stylish, detailed designs.  They are commonly used in both Internal and External doors and especially for top lights which would normally consist of house numbers and names.  There is a full design service available due to the computer generated artwork which is a produced in house by our design team.

Other design techniques are also available to enhance some of our sandblast designs.  For example we create designs that are used with clear and coloured bevels creating stunning entrance ways.  Sandblasts we create are fully customisable to also fit into side lights or feature windows.

Bespoke design

We are able to produce fully commissioned designs upon request


Bevel design

We produce various designs that are used with glass bevels to create stunning options available in various bevel colours

Murano Close
Venetia Close Grey
Elba Close

Traditional Sandblast designs

We produce a large number of traditional sandblasts daily ranging from House numbers and names, fanlight designs to our extensive range of sandblast door designs.

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